Sponsor a Garden Area

Sponsor a Garden Area

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Join the Ordsall Hall gardens sponsorship scheme and play a vital part in supporting the ongoing development of the gardens, plants and animals who call the Hall their home. Choose from the following areas:

The Coppice - Coppicing is a traditional method of producing timber. Our Coppice contains approximately 30 Hazel trees,  under planted with Bluebells, Wild Garlic and other herbaceous plants to encourage wildlife. 

Mini meadow - This is one of our most recent additions to the garden and includes a wide range of nectar rich plant species loved by bees and other pollinators, such as Corn Cockle, Knapweed, Forget-me-not and Red Campion. 

Orchard - A common feature of a Medieval garden, our Orchard has some delicious varieties of heritage fruit trees including Pear 'Black Worcester' and Apple 'Howgate Wonder'. It also contains some more unusual fruits such as our Medlar trees and Quince bushes. 

Knot garden - The Knot garden was a popular garden feature in Tudor times, designed to be looked upon from above. At Ordsall we have created our own twist on the traditional style, incorporating our famous Quatrefoils in a design planted with Santolina, Box hedging and Wall Germander. 

Herb garden - Another common feature of a Medieval garden- our herb garden contains numerous Medieval and Tudor herbs alongside those still popular today, including the beautifully scented Lemon Balm, Lavender and Winter Savoury. We even have a number of plants traditionally used to dye or clean textiles such as Dyers Broom and Soapwort. 

WW1 Allotment - In 2015 we recreated a WW1 allotment as part of the First World War centenary commemorations. On the allotment we grow varieties used during the war years 1914-1918, many of which are rare or in need of conservation. 

Your sponsorship will last one year and will continue to help us maintain and develop the gardens at the Hall.

What you receive:

  • Regular email updates and photos of your plant, area, wildlife or artwork
  • Photo postcard
  • Certificate
  • Information on your chosen wildlife, plants, garden or artwork (includes histories, recipes and stories).

    Please note that sponsorship of any item does not confer any actual ownership of that item on the sponsor