Recapturing The Past Of Salford Quays


Douglas Farnie, one of Manchester's greatest historians, observed in 1980 that during the 19th century Manchester had become an economic powerhouse. That powerhouse re-invented itself as an inland port 55 miles from the sea in 1894, ironically with most of its facilities based in Salford, Farnie concluded that 'the creation of a thriving inland port required not only the excavation of a seaway but also the construction of a complex of facilities and their integration into an existing structure of transport, commerce and industry.'

This book captures the latest archaeological and historical work into this thriving inland port. It studies the precursors of the 1894 port, the Mersey and Irwell Navigation opened in 1755 and the Manchester Bolton and Bury Canal opened 1797. The rest of the book looks at building the 'big ditch', ships and cargoes on the canal and the new Salford Docks. The story is bought up-to-date with a study of the transformation of the docks into Salford Quays.